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Victim Stats - Version 2.0

posted on 2008-03-30 11:01:15
by 101satoon101


[b][size=12]Stats Display:[/size][/b] [list]On player_death or round_end, shows players who they wounded, who wounded them, and who they killed. Also shows hit totals, hitbox hit totals, and damage totals. On kills, shows with what weapon and distance. On player_death, also shows killer's information: who, what weapon, distance, and remaining health (unless already dead). 2 modes are available: GUI and Text. Both modes have with or without hitboxes as options as well. All are user options.[/list] [b][size=12]Most Destructive:[/size][/b] [list]This part of the module displays the most destructive player of each round at round_end. I know there is already a mod for this, but this version includes user options for centertext, hudhint, or both. Also are user options for sorting by kills or just by total damage.[/list] [b][size=12]Death Beams:[/size][/b] [list]This part shows a death beam from the attacker's location to the victim's location. It also includes user options, if es_tools v414 or higher is installed, for team colors, random colors, or set color. Set color now gives users the ability to choose a number from 0 - 255 for each rgb value and alpha is always set to 255. If es_tools v414 or higher is not installed, then there are no user options, only a server option to have team colors or random colors.[/list] All 3 of these parts of the module are able to be enabled/disabled at the server admin's discretion. All 3 are also able to be disabled by users with the only exception being death beam if not using es_tools v414 or higher. This is due to es_effect beam showing to all players. ES_Tools is not a requirement of this addon, unless admin's wish to have beams only displayed to victim and not everyone. A new feature added with this release is the ability to have colors set for the Attacker/Wounded/Killed/Killer text: [img][/img] If the server has colormsglib installed, these options will be available, and if not, then they will all just default to #lightgreen. Again, colormsglib is not a requirement, it just adds an enhanced feature if installed. Colormsglib is included with this version and you can find out more at: [url][/url] [size=18][b]For best version that doesn't require ES2.0, use the following download: [url=]Victim_Stats v1.08a[/url][/b][/size]


Extract Zip file into your ..cstrike/ folder. Add es_load victim_stats in your autoexec.cfg. Edit the ..cstrike/addons/eventscripts/victim_stats/vs_config.cfg to your liking.

Version Notes For 2.0

Updated on: 2008-07-08 05:10:55 EST by 101satoon101 (View Zip Contents)
[b]2.0[/b] Converted to ES2.0 (Python) Added in est_version check for beams instead of server option Set Color now has user RGB values (0 - 255) Added in color messages for chat display

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