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SourceRPG - Version 2.1.063

posted on 2008-02-10 13:17:59
by freddukes

Requires: [list][*][url=]Auth Provider version Latest[/url] [*][url=]Source Python Extension (Latest Version)[/url] -- This is only required for the Recover Weapons skill, SPE is not needed if you do not load that skill (Recover Weapons is disabled by default) [/list]


[size=150][color=blue][b] Description:[/b] [/color] [/size] [list] SourceRPG is a Python Alternative to CSS:RPG. It has the additional benefit of being extremely extensible and open-source. SourceRPG is a role playing game, where you get experience for doing certain tasks; such as planting the bomb or killing an enemy. When you get over a certain amount of experience points, you gain a level. With each level, you gain credits which allows you to purchase to aid you in battle. As you rise in levels, it will become increasingly difficult to gain additional levels. This mod contains 18 skills. Each skill is fully customizable, and you can disable them in game via the console or administrative menu. These skills will be listed as follows: [b]Health+[/b] - Additional Health on respawn [b]Regeneration[/b] - Regenerate health [b]Regenerate Ammo[/b] - Regenerate ammo for the active gun [b]Napalm Nade[/b] - Turn your grenades into napalms which ignite your victims [b]Vampire[/b] - You sap life out of the damage you do and heal yourself [b]Stealth[/b] - Hide in the shadows as you become more difficult to see [b]Long Jump[/b] - Your jumps propel you further forwards [b]Ice Stab[/b] - Slashing your enemies with the knife causes them to freeze [b]Frost Pistol[/b] - Pistols will slow your enemy down [b]Stun Grenades[/b] - Flashbangs will half your enemies speed and shake their screen [b]Smog Grenades[/b] - Smoke grenades release a deadly poisionous smog to damage victims trapped inside [b]Speed+[/b] - Increase your speed [b]Gravity-[/b] - Lower the earths gravatational effect on you [b]Disable[/b] - Damaging your enemies has a chance to force them to drop their weapons [b]Recover Weapons[/b] - You'll respawn with weapons you lost in the previous round free of charge [b]Regenerate Armor[/b] - Regenerates armor [b]Adrenaline[/b] - Allows you to turn tail and up the speed when in dire need. Gain a small speed boost for a limited time when damaged. [b]Medic[/b] - Heal close by team-mates. When their health is full, heal their armor. Each one of these skills can be toggled ingame with a command [code]srpg_skill 0[/code] E.g. the command to disable stealth is:[code]rcon srpg_stealth 0[/code] The effects are immediate as this removes the skill from the game. You can also open the administrative menu (see below) to have a graphical interface to toggle skills. [size=117] [color=blue][b]Ingame Chat Commands:[/b][/color][/size][list] [b]rpghelp[/b] - Brings up the help menu [b]rpgmenu[/b] - Brings up the main menu [b]rpgupgrade[/b] - Brings up the upgrade skills menu [b]rpgsell[/b] - Brings up the sell skills menu [b]rpgstats [/b]- Detailed stats in a popup [b]rpgtop10 [/b]- Displays the top10 ranked people on the server [b]rpgrank [/b]- Displays your rank globaly [b]rpgrank <user>[/b] - Displays the rank of another person [b]rpgpopup[/b] - Toggles on/off automatic popup display[/list] [size=117] [color=blue][b]Admin commands:[/b][/color][/size][list] [b]rpg_admin[/b] This is the main command to give you access to the menu. [list] [*] Online/Offline Players [list] [*] Add Xp [*] Add Credits [*] Add Levels [*] Force a player to upgrade a skill [*] Force a player to downgrade a skill [*] Reset a players info [*] See detailed stats about a player where you can delete/add xp/add levels/add credits etc [*] Force a player to max every one of their skills.[/list] [*] Reset The Database [*] Enable/Disable skills from the game[/list] [b]The admin commands are controlled by Auth Provider, so make sure you have that installed.[/b] The auth provider power is "sourcerpg_admin", so using group based permissions will require you to authorize using said power. [url=]Here is a tutorial on how to install auth provider[/url][/list] This script is fully compatible with LAN play, and bots. This script also supports multi-lingual texts, to display the message to the player in their preferred text (although not all messages are like this, all the popups are still in English.) Any help with translations will be a huge help, and I'd thank you so much for translating the text. If you can translate to another language, but don't know how to do it, send me a private message and I'll aid you.[/list] If you wish to add your own language to the texts, open up ../sourcerpg/languages.ini and follow the instructions inside there... I'd appreciate it if you enjoy this script so much, and you'd like to make another language for it, then you'd post it here, so I can add it for everyone to use.[/b][/list] Have fun ( don't forget to +w00t =] ).[/list] [color=blue][size=150][b]Special Mentions:[/b][/size][/color] [list] [*]First of all I'd like to thank SuperDave who provided an excellent example of AuthProvider, and also showed me how to create a 'Smog Grenade' (see Below.) Not only this, but he's an excellent community member. [*]Secondly, I'd like to thank SumGuy14 and Murphey for letting me use their Long Jump code from their MSRPG script. They also are excellent coders. [*]Thirdly, Joey for supporting and creating that amazing database converter <3 [*]Finally to the eventscripts community (And particularly Mattie) for produce such a great mod and such a helpful community...[/list] [size=150][color=blue][b]Converting Databases:[/b][/color][/size] [list] JoeyT2007 has made a converter able to convert the cssrpg.db database into the sourcerpg recognisable databse. This allows you to change from the C++ CSS:RPG mod without losing any data or stats. To convert, place your [b]cssrpg.db[/b] file inside [b]../addons/eventscripts/sourcerpg[/b] then load sourcerpg. When SourceRPG loads, it'll recognise that there is a cssrpg.db file, and automatically convert the files for you. After it's finished, it'll move your database into the [b]../sourcerpg/backup/[/b] folder just in case you wish to change back. To prepare for anything which may go wrong, ensure you make a backup of your players.sqldb and cssrpg.db first before you attempt the convertion. [/list]


To install all you need to do is extract to your cstrike/ directory, then add the following line to your autoexec.cfg [code] es_load sourcerpg [/code] Then you can edit your skills options by editing the file: ./sourcerpg/skills/skills.cfg Then you can edit your main options and EXP options by editing the file: ./sourcerpg/srpg.cfg If you wish to add your own language to the texts, open up ./sourcerpg/languages.ini and follow the instructions inside there... The latest language.ini file can be found on the forum page.

Version Notes For 2.1.063

Updated on: 2010-08-07 13:39:58 EST by freddukes (View Zip Contents)
[*] [Fixed] All popup menus, I tested with the popuplib2 version which had a small backwards compatibility issue with the isqueued method, all should be working now.

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