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Laser Letters - Version 1.9

posted on 2008-03-21 17:56:37
by bonbon


Have you ever wanted to write your name on a map? Now you can with my completely random addon! It took me a long time of math to make :o so I hope y'all enjoy it. Scripters can copy and paste this into there script, if they want. It also has a stand alone feature where people can type !ll "letter/word/sentence they want to say" in console and it'll make it appear above their head! If you want to use this in your own script, the syntax is (after you've pasted my script at the top of yours) letters(letter).create(x, y, z, life, red, green, blue) Example: [syntax="python"]def es_client_command(ev): userid = ev['userid'] command = ev['command'] loc = es.getplayerlocation(userid) if command == '!a': letters('a').create(loc[0], loc[1], loc[2] + 100, 25, color[0], color[1], color[2])[/syntax] [img][/img] [img][/img] This took my 5 hours, but it was worth it, 'cause I wrote my name in lasers :D (see my sig) And yeah, I know this could be done w/o ES_Tools but, I already had started with it so tough, I'm not redoing it xD special thanks to Joeyt2008 who turned 200+ lines to 30 I just made the big dict :) players can type !ll then the letter/word/sentence they want in console or chat and it'll "appear" above their head


make a folder under cstrike/addons/eventscripts called laserletters add the file you downloaded to that folder add the lines es_load laserletters in your autoexec.cfg open the file by right click > open with > notepad and edit the top part (config) to your liking restart your server and you're done

Version Notes For 1.9

Updated on: 2008-06-12 18:51:05 EST by bonbon (View Zip Contents)
Added option for certain users only to use options are [list][*][color=green]*[/color] - Everyone [*][color=green]mani_admins[/color] - Everyone in mani's clients.txt [*][color=green]Individual Steamids[/color] - Anyone with steamid [*][color=green]group_auth[/color] - Anyone with ll_user access in group auth may use.[/list]

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