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LooneyMapVote - Version 1.0

posted on 2009-11-30 20:03:34
by 101satoon101


[b][size=15]This script can be used as a VoteMap as well as a VoteMod. Server owners can choose from one of five different types of Votes:[/size] [list][size=12][*]No Vote (Auto-select a Map out of all maps on server) [*]Vote on All Maps [*]Random GamePlay is chosen, then Vote for Maps of that GamePlay type [*]Vote for GamePlay, then random Map is chosen from winning GamePlay [*]Vote for GamePlay, then Vote for Maps of winning GamePlay [/size][/list][/b] [b][size=15]To use GamePlay, after you load the script once, you can edit the maptypes.ini file to your liking. Add all maps to each GamePlay type that you wish to have. You can use the same map in multiple GamePlay types. You can also use the included ScriptManager to es_load scripts for the winning GamePlay when the next map starts, as well as execute .cfg files for the winning GamePlay type.[/size][/b]


Extract Zip file into your ..<gamename>/ folder. Add es_load looneymapvote in your autoexec.cfg. You can also use es_install looneymapvote if you do not currently have LooneyMapVote on your server. Either way, after the first time es_load-ing the script, a file called lmv_config.cfg will appear in your ../addons/eventscripts/looneymapvote/ folder. Edit that file to your liking. If you plan on using different GameTypes for your votes, you should edit the maptypes.ini file that has been created as well. If you make changes to either file, you will need to use es_reload looneymapvote for them to take effect.

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Updated on: 2009-11-30 20:03:34 EST by 101satoon101 (View Zip Contents)
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