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LooneyGrenades - Version 1.1

posted on 2011-04-18 02:45:30
by 101satoon101


LooneyGrenades replaces those old boring "Fire in the hole!" messages and sounds. Make sure to use sv_ignoregrenaderadio on your server when using this addon. The sounds and messages are configurable by team per weapon. Meaning that Terrorists can have a different message/sound for each of the 3 grenades, and the CTs can have 3 different ones as well.


Extract Zip file into your ..<gamename>/ folder. Add [b][color=green]es_load looneygrenades[/color][/b] in your autoexec.cfg. You can also use [b][color=red]es_install looneygrenades[/color][/b] if you do not currently have LooneyGrenades on your server. Either way, after the first time es_load-ing the script, a file called [b][color=red]lg_config.cfg[/color][/b] will appear in your [b][color=blue]../addons/eventscripts/looneygrenades/[/color][/b] folder. Edit that file to your liking. There will also be a [b][color=red]strings.ini[/color][/b] file created in that directory. Use it to set the messages and sounds for each weapon and team. The messages can use #darkgreen, #green, and #default as many times as you wish. Each message can also use [b]one[/b] of the following as many times as you wish:[list][b]#team #red #blue #grey #lightgreen[/b][/list] As you play on different maps, the "locations" will start appearing in the strings.ini file. You can add new translations for the different languages people use on your server as you wish. For the sounds, the path needs to be relative to your server's [b][color=red]../cstrike/sound/[/color][/b] directory. You can use any sounds you wish, and they will be made downloadable via the script. If you make changes to either file, you will need to use [b][color=green]es_reload looneygrenades[/color][/b] for them to take effect.

Version Notes For 1.1

Updated on: 2011-04-18 11:55:29 EST by 101satoon101 (View Zip Contents)
Fixed issue when loading via autoexec file.

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