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Freezerail - Version 1.01

posted on 2009-11-12 11:13:48
Led by ragebean
Collaborators: SuperDave 101satoon101


This is the first Css-Freezerail. freeze = player get freeze by hit (cant move, cant shoot) to unfreeze = teamm8 has to be in direct contact for 2 secs to get his mate unfrozen. the now unfrozen player respawns anywhere and can fight normaly. round ends: 1 complete team is frozen. Pointsystem: 1+ Point for freeze an enemy 1+ Point for unfreeze an teamm8 1- Point for getting unfreeze weapons: Scout / Knife [size=120][b]Requirements: [/b][/size] [url=]Mattie's Plugins EventScripts v2[/url] [url=]Es_Tools v.420[/url] [url=]EZRestrict[/url]


[list] [*]Extract file to game directory cstrike/ [*]Add the following to autoexec.cfg [code]es_load freezetag[/code] [*]Restart server [/list]

Version Notes For 1.01

Updated on: 2010-05-21 08:38:49 EST by ragebean (View Zip Contents)
- "Kill-Icon" right side corne to show who freeze who - Frozen players send in the 3 perspektive

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